Selling Information

Help for sellers to achieve a great selling price

So, you’ve decided to sell!

Although feeling excited and anxious is normal, the process of selling a property doesn’t have to be stressful.

Armed with the facts, you are in the best position to make informed decisions and this will give you confidence in the process.

The usual first step is to have your property appraised, from there you can secure an agent.

Look for a local Real Estate Agent that you like and trust to ask for more information.  The best agent will be happy to help and make you feel completely comfortable with all aspects of the sale of your home. Go with your gut, it’s usually right!

TIP 1 – Do not simply list your home with the agent that promises you the highest sale price without considering the factual evidence. No agent can guarantee a sale price,  though a common tactic is to win business by over-quoting. We all want to achieve the best sales price, however without accurate, up to date sales data, we recommend caution.

Once you have selected an agent, you can work together to achieve the best price possible.

Setting the Sale Price

This is a really important stage in the sales process and its important to get it right from the onset.

TIP 2 –  Visit comparable property auctions in your immediate area to see what homes are selling for (or not selling for). You can also find a lot of information online including Auction results.  Don’t judge your homes’ value on another home’s ‘asking price’. It’s important to only focus on the actual ‘sold price’. We can assist you with finding this information.

TIP 3 – Price your home reasonably, don’t be tempted to overprice it. A property that is priced reasonably always sells quicker and for a higher price than a property that is overpriced. Use accurate sales data for similar properties in your area.

While it’s true that you can drop your price if you are not getting the right response from the market, by adopting this approach you will lose those valuable first few weeks when a property attracts the most attention from prospective buyers.

Serious buyers who have done their homework and are ready to buy are watching and waiting for property, they will also know what other properties are selling for. If you put a higher than market price, this will likely effect your initial inquiries and inspection levels and can result in the property sitting on the market too long and becoming “stale”.

A well priced property will result in a strong level of early inquiry and a greater opportunity for competition – this leads to the best sale price.

First Impressions

Ever walked into a home and have felt it wasn’t the right one for you? Maybe it wasn’t, but the way it was displayed may have played a part in your decision!

Everything a prospective buyer sees has an impact. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars improving your home for the all important first impression however there are a number of effective things you can do to ensure your property stands out to buyers.

TIP 5 – Gardens and lawns should always be kept well presented. Many potential buyers will drive by the property during the sales period. If you don’t have grass ensure that pavements are kept clean and weeds are maintained. Store away visible garden tools or toys.

TIP 6 – Minimise clutter inside to maximise space. You don’t need to get rid of your lounge suite or dining table, simply maintain a neat and clean interior eg, removing magnets on your fridge, clearing kitchen benches and shelves, removing photos and nick-knacks.

TIP 7 Complete all outstanding minor repairs. A prospective buyer will notice if a home has not been maintained. If a door knob is loose, taps are dripping, curtain rails or blinds are broken – fix them!

TIP 8 – If your property has movement cracks in the walls or extensive markings on the wall, get the cracks filled and walls re-painted with a neutral colour. Some potential buyers may be concerned that the cracks may indicate  deeper problems.

TIP 9 – Before you commit to spending money on major works, ask your agent  if this will likely result in a better sale price. As specialists in property, we would be more than happy to guide you on any specific questions you may have.

The Atmosphere in your Home

No less important when presenting your home for sale is the atmosphere you have set up when a prospective buyer walks in.

There are some things you can do to create a more appealing atmosphere within the property.

Tip 10  – Are there gloomy areas in your home? Light is definitely your friend when selling and nothing improves the mood of a home more than a well lit home. Open all curtains and switch on lights in areas where you can’t get natural light.

TIP 11 –  Consider enhancing the smell of your property by adding Fresh flowers, baking biscuits or freshly brewed coffee to set the right smell tone. Alternatively, if you are a smoker or have pets consider opening windows or adding and an oil diffuser to mask any odors.

TIP 12 – If it’s a cold day, heat up your home and if it’s hot  turn on ceiling fans or a cooling system.

TIP 13 – Usually a prospective purchaser will feel more comfortable looking at your property if you are not present. Even if you must be there, it is recommended that children and pets are removed during the inspection times.


We are 4th time sellers / buyers, so we have seen a lot in terms of real estate agents! We sold two weeks ahead of auction which was great. And most importantly for us this time above all we wanted to work with an agent that was a HIT – Honest, act with Integrity and Transparent in his dealings with us. Seller – Peter G